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Shakira's contribution to the Nuestro Rock album gave her a big hit in Colombia and a third album followed in 1995. The result was Pies Descalzos, which sold five million copies and paved the way for 1998's Dónde Están Los Ladrones, netting her worldwide exposure and offering eight singles including "No Creo" and "Inevitable." In 2000, a Grammy-winning MTV Unplugged album followed, as did an MTV Video Music Award.

Shakira had yet to record an English-language album, so she made this her next goal, with the help of Gloria Estefan. To challenge herself, Shakira insisted on writing her first English album from scratch without translating her existing material. The subsequent release was Laundry Service, led by the single "Objection," and the album sold 13 million copies, including a third of them in North America. More fame and fortune followed with the release of Oral Fixation, a two-volume set with one album of Spanish and the other in English. Collectively, they earned her another Grammy and three Latin Grammys.
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