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Vanessa Anne Hudgens
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There’s little doubt that Vanessa Hudgens is best known for her star-making performance in the High School Musical trilogy, if you happen to be under the age of 13. If you're a little older, you know Vanessa Hudgens best for the Total Open Photos of her that have turned up on the web twice. Vanessa Hudgens also released her debut album V in 2006 which officially sold 500,000 copies and a second album in '08. Her most recent big-screen endeavor is Beastly, a film about a teen who gets transformed into a hideous creature in order to find true love, in which she stars opposite Neil Patrick Harris.

Vanessa Hudgens was attached to High School Musical costar Zac Efron since 2006, but the pair split in December 2010. Since then, she has been rumored to be romantically involved with The Kids Are All Right actor, Josh Hutcherson. But Vanessa Hudgens has denied the rumors, prompting men everywhere to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

She ranked 12 on "Hot 100 Women 2008" by Maxim. She received the award of Choice Female Breakout Star from Teen Choice Awards in 2007. The same year, the High School Musical cast was awarded "Choice TV Movie". More than 500,000 copies of her debut album were sold and the album achieved gold status in 2007. In the year 1999, she acted in the Old Globe Theater, San Diego, for How the Grinch Stole Christmas. She loves chocolate and sushi and eats cereals made of whole grain only, and she stays miles away from carrots.
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