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Jose Yvon Jaspers ( Boxtel , 20 March 1973 ) is a Dutch television presenter for the KRO , children’s author and actress . She is four times ( 2006 , 2008 , 2009and 2010 ) winner of the Silver Star Televizier .


Jasper grew up in Boxtel . After her high school she studied at the theater school in Eindhoven and attended various mediacurssusen.


She became famous after starting 1994 at The Klokhuis to see. Also several other children’s programs, it has contributed. Among other Knofje , a series of pre-KRO which she played the mother of Knofje. She is also the Flemish and Dutch youth science program known by the light beam headlamps , which together with Johan Terryn presented. Also presented the program ZigZag . In 1997 she presented at Teleac / NOT program the Machine song , in which primary school children were given music lessons.
Jaspers also played a role in Scent of Roses & Vodka Lime and for years wrote a column in the Viva . She is also known as presenter of the KRO program Farmer Wants a Woman , Miracles and the Netherlands for Sale. In 2005 Jaspers was the mole in the television program Who is the Mole? . In 2006 Jaspers won the Silver Star Televizier (for best TV female) after they had seized in 2005 alongside. In 2007 she was again nominated. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 she was again nominated and won the Silver Star for Televizier the second, third and fourth time. At the end of 2006, Jaspers participated in the BNN program Ranking the Stars , where she reveals that she is not always a sweet person, as alleged by 100 men. Eventually she wins the other participants in the program.
On 28 May 2005 Jaspers married to Pieter van Beukering, together they got 2 children.
In 2002 she made ​​her debut as a writer with the storybook Sluup and Aria.
In 2005 Jaspers was the mole in the AVRO program Who is the Mole? . Marc-Marie Huijbregts won this series, Lottie Hellingman lost this.
In December 2007 she presented with Marc-Marie Huijbregts the KRO program “Christmas with Marc-Marie and Yvon.
On 4 July 2008 makes BNN Jaspers known that the third season of “ Over My Dead Body “will present and thus takes over from Patrick Lodiers . Furthermore, it will remain active for the KRO.