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Landing consistent work in Hollywood over the span of fifteen years is an accomplishment in itself, but not the kind that necessarily brings fame. For the greater part of her career, Kelly took on the kind of sporadic, random roles that make an actor's face recognizable, but difficult to place.

While Kelly's credentials include some big-name movies (albeit in small roles) such as 1991's The Doors and Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, as well as the ill fated Surf Ninjas, she has had more substantial television roles.

After a short time on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, Kelly was cast as Michelle Chan in the Don Johnson detective series, Nash Bridges, from 1997 to 1998. In 1997, she also appeared in the soap Sunset Beach, before her most popular role to date on Martial Law. Her role as Detective Grace Chen on Martial Law gave her an opportunity to flaunt her karate skills and, in doing so, create her own niche in Hollywood as a butt-kicking hottie. This image won Kelly her upcoming role alongside The Rock in The Scorpion King, which is sure to boost her fame stock substantially.

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