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elisha_cuthbert_hollywood_hot_actress_wallpaperElisha Cuthbert
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After capturing the attention of Hillary Clinton and being invited even to the White House, she got her first role in the drama "Dancing on the Moon" in 1997 and from then on she began gaining more and more fame.

From her humble beginnings as a Canadian TV host to her current status as a bona fide star, Elisha Cuthbert has carried herself with a down-to-earth quality that’s undoubtedly quite difficult to resist. Though she’s experienced her share of bombs over the years -- 2007’s notorious torture- horror flick Captivity being the most appropriate example of this -- Elisha Cuthbert’s done a nice job of resiliently bouncing back time and time again.

Elisha continued to add to her resume in 2008 with My Sassy Girl, a romance that pairs the actress with Jesse Bradford. Elisha Cuthbert also stars opposite Tim Allen in The Six Wives of Henry Lefay (2008), which features appearances by such notable names as Jenna Elfman, Paz Vega and Kelli Garner.

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